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BASS Awards Nomination Form

Please nominate your favorite non-nursing MCB employee! 

Thank you for your nomination!

About the BASS Awards

The BASS Award is a prestigious award given to MCB non-nursing employees (nursing employees have their own special award known as the Daisy Awards). 

Medical Center Barbour B.A.S.S. award attributes:

B- Being kind, sincere, and passionate about their duties and patient care

A- Admirable- are there attributes that others would admire in this staff member?

S- Selflessness- Has the staff member proven to be selfless at times?

S- Special connection- has the staff member made a special connection with the patient or family?

This award is offered by nomination to all employees of MCB who are in good standing. Nurses are excluded as they have a similar award called the DAISY award. If a nurse is nominated, the nomination will be moved over to the DAISY award. Likewise, if a non-nurse is nominated for the DAISY award, the nomination will be moved to the B.A.S.S. award nomination pool. 

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