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What does the MCB Wound Care Clinic do?

We offer patients state-of-the-art outpatient clinical wound care and hyperbaric medicine. We specialize in advance wound care, using a variety of clinical treatments, therapies, and support services to treat chronic wounds. Kevin Shiver, NP provides top-notch wound care while working closely with our Medical Director, the esteemed Dr. Wesley Marner. Our physician-driven, multidisciplinary-approach to outpatient wound care has superior success rate in facilitating the healing process.

What You Can Expect at Your First Visit

  • We will examine you and ask you about your personal and family medical history so that we can develop a plan of care tailored to you.

  • We will examine your wound.

  • We might remove dead tissue in and around your wound.

  • We will teach you how to care for your wound at home.

  • We will schedule further testing, if needed.

What You Can Expect From Follow-Up Visits
Your personal plan will require regular visits to the MCB Wound Care Clinic. Each time that you come to the Center, we will check your wound to see how much progress has been made. We will review your test results with you. We will remove dead tissue from your wound if needed. We will answer any questions you may have about how to care for your wound and what is going to happen next. With your permission, we may communicate with your primary care physician and update him/her about your condition.

Our hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) helps the body’s oxygen-dependent, wound-healing mechanisms function more efficiently. While enclosed in a clear, large chamber, patients breathe pure oxygen, saturating their blood plasma and allowing it to carry from 15 to 20 times the normal amount of oxygen to the body’s tissues. HBOT also stimulates growth factor production and release, which serves as a stimulus to healing. Another effect of HBOT is vasoconstriction, the benefit of which is a reduction in post-traumatic edema. In effect, HBOT maintains oxygen delivery while blood flow is improved in the microcirculation by the edema-reducing effect of vasoconstriction.

What You Can Expect During Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT is administered in a comfortable environment, attended by our skilled experienced technicians. Patients lay comfortably on a stretcher inside the chamber, where they can watch TV or a movie. Patients breathe 100% oxygen, which is carried by the blood from the patient’s lungs to the patient’s body, including the injured area. While the length of treatment for each patient is different, most patients receive between 30 and 40 two-hour treatments. You will also receive thorough instructions for your treatment and complete assistance with any insurance issues. Most health care plans reimburse for HBOT for currently approved indications.

The MCB Wound Care Clinic May Provide for the Following:

  • Actinomycosis

  • Crush injury/ acute traumatic peripheral ischemia

  • Progressive necrotizing infections (necrotizing fasciitis)

  • Diabetic ulcers of the lower extremities

  • Soft tissue radionecrosis and osteoradionecrosis

  • Chronic refractory osteomyelitis

  • Compromised skin grafts

We are located inside the hospital at 820 West Washington Street, Eufaula, AL 36027.
Phone: 334-688-7460
Fax: 334-688-7465

Tour of the MCB Wound Care Clinic
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