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4 Fitness Trends You Should

Try in 2021

his summer, why should your workout be stuck in the 90s? After all, it's 2021, and there are a plethora of fun fitness trends happening that you should totally take advantage of! Below is a list of the top 4 fitness trends that you should be jumping on!


1. Rollerskating

We've all seen it: Your "For You" page on TikTok full of teenage girls twirling and dancing with a pair of rollerskates on their feet. And while some of their moves may be a little above your paygrade now that you're out of high school, adults can still enjoy rollerskating, too! In fact, rollerskating is an awesome way to get in a workout without killing your joints because it's low impact. So switch out that daily run every so often for some throwback fun that will tone every muscle in your body! 

2. Trampolining

Nothing screams "fun" quite like bouncing around on a trampoline. It simply evokes time spent as a kid with your siblings or friends playing that dangerous "break the egg" game that left you with permanent back damage (hey, it was fun at the time). As an adult, you can still jump around like a kid and get your workout on without the danger by using an exercise trampoline. Basically, it's a tiny trampoline that is designed for you to hop to your heart's content while toning your bum! Not only does it take up very little space, but it also does a body good, helping to up bone density and increase balance. Plus, aside from being a total blast, all that bouncing can also help to improve your body composition and up your lean muscle mass.

3. Lunch Break Workouts

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people had the opportunity to work- and workout- at home during their lunch break. Gone are the days where people arrive at the office and keep their butts glued to a desk chair for nine hours. For the first time in a long time, people are utilizing a lunch break- and they are using the time to work up a sweat. And that's a great thing- because after a quick, midday workout, your energy will peak and you will be more productive during your day. So pack some fitness clothes to work and take a quick walk or hit the weights during your lunchbreak to keep that healthy fitness habit going during 2021. 

4. Moving it Outdoors

Whether you're a runner, dancer, yoga queen, or king of the weights, the trend now is taking your passion for whatever activity you're into and moving it into the great outdoors. It's just so freeing to feel the sun shining on your skin and to hear the birds chirping while you're getting in that workout. And time outside not only boosts your mood, but it can make you healthier with a dose of Vitamin D from the sun! Just be sure that you put on sweat-resistant sunscreen before heading out the door!

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