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 MCB Directory 

Here is a list of the most requested phone and fax numbers at MCB. Please call 334-688-7000 to be directed for all other calls.

Business Office

Phone: 334-688-7128

Fax: 334-688-7127

Central Scheduling

Phone: 334-688-7002

Medical Records

Phone: 334-688-7406
Fax: 334-688-7040

MCB Specialty Clinic

Phone: 334-688-7021

Fax: 334-688-7022

Southern Bone & Joint Appointments must call: 334-793-2663 OR


MCB Family Care Clinic- Louisville

Location: 31 Railroad St, Louisville, AL, 36048

Phone: 334-688-7410
Fax: 844-883-0241

Human Resources 

Phone: 334-688-7431
Fax: 334-688-7440


Quality/Risk Management

Phone: 334-688-7288
Fax: 334-688-7289 

Emergency Room

Phone: 334-688-7334 (ER Registration)

Front Desk


MCB General Surgery

Location: 826 W Washington St., Suite 9, Eufaula, AL 36027

Phone: 334-688-7050
Fax: 334-688-7490

MCB Family Care Clinic- Eufaula

Location: 825 W Washington St., Suite 7, Eufaula, AL 36027

Phone: 334-688-7410
Fax: 334-688-7419 

*MCB is giving all COVID vaccines and COVID testing through the FCC clinic. Please call to make an appointment with them if you are looking for these services. 

MCB Family Care Clinic- Hurtsboro

Location: 512 Main St, Hurtsboro, AL 36860

Phone: 334-688-7410
Fax: 334-384-9923


Phone: 334-688-7444

Dialing a Number
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