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Workout Friends

5 Tips To Help You Stick to Your Workout Routine 

So, you fell off the wagon and you're having a hard time getting back into that healthy workout routine that you were sticking to. Hey, it happens! Don't wallow around in shame or throw up your hands completely- getting back on the fitness horse is pretty easy with these foolproof tips:

5 Tips for Sticking to Your Workout Routine:

1. Grab a friend

If you're having a difficult time committing to a workout routine, one great way to follow through is to grab a friend! Whether you're grinding it out in the gym, walking outside in the fresh air, or trying out some new fitness classes, having a buddy by your side makes working out so much more fun! Plus, when your friend is counting on you to work out with them, you're much more likely to show up.

2. Adopt a dog
If you're having trouble getting up and out of bed, a pup can totally change that for you. Having a furry friend to take on a walk is a great way to get active! Just taking your pooch out for a walk three times a day for just 10 minutes is actually enough to meet the your daily physical requirements. 

3. Buy some new workout clothes
Simply put, buying new workout clothes put you in a new mindset for achieving your goals! While that may seem a bit silly, think of buying some new yoga tights or sweat-wicking tops as a brand new investment in your health. 

4. Prep the night before

Before you fall into that same routine of hitting your snooze button over and over, nip that in the bud by preparing for your workout the night before you even have to get up. Lay out all of your clothes, have your water bottle pre-filled and waiting for you in the fridge, pack up your gym bag with all the essentials- do whatever you need to do to get ready the day before, because when you're ready beforehand, it gives you no excuse to skip your workout.


5. Sign up for a race 

While you might be overwhelmed at the moment at the idea of participating in a race, don't let that stop you from signing up. Sign up for something that seems fun for you- that could be a 5K in your neighborhood, a mud race, or a marathon- and sign up way in advance so that you can prepare for it! This keeps you committed to training throughout the year and gets you excited for the upcoming race, which is awesome motivation. 

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