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New Year Celebrations

Attainable Fitness Resolutions for the New Year

"New Year, New You", right? Well, while most people start off with good intentions when it comes to their fitness-related resolutions, more than half will throw in the towel within the first month of the new year. So what can you do differently so that you actually stick to your goals? Well, start by setting achievable and attainable goals so that you can be successful. Below is a great list of health and fitness related resolutions for the new year that you can actually stick to! 

Attainable Fitness and Health New Year Resolutions

1. Take a walk everyday.  Almost everyone can walk, so start simple and vow to add a short walk to your day every single day. You can work walking into your daily routine by simply walking somewhere that you might normally drive to or turning a work meeting into a walking meeting. If you enjoy audiobooks, podcasts or music, grab some headphones and use the time walking as time to get healthier and listen to something fun. 

2. Stretch it out. Stretching will improve your flexibility and posture, help you prevent injuries, and can even increase your body’s flow of nutrients which will in turn reduce soreness. Stretching also comes with mental health benefits like helping to calm your mind and release tension. The best part is, you really don't have to comit a lot of time to this task- just plan on devoting at least 5 to 10 minutes a day stretching to start,

3. Get more sleep. No matter what exercise you love to do to get in shape, it won't be of much use to your mind and body without an adequate amount of good, quality sleep. While you sleep, your body recovers, conserves energy and builds up the muscles you work on during exercise. Beyond fitness, sleeping a proper amount will also benefit your mind as well. When you get 7-8 hours of sleep, your attention and concentration will improve, too, so this is a great resolution to stick to throughout the new year.

4. Schedule Time to Workout. You schedule your kid's doctor appointment, your work meetings, and your dog's vet appointment, but you don't schedule yourself time to work out. That is a huge opportunity you are missing to help yourself stick to your fitness resolutions. This year, vow to schedule your workouts every single day to avoid falling off the fitness wagon midway through the year. If you have your workout already on your schedule, you’re more likely to keep your “date” and stick to your fitness plan. 

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