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Swimming Pool


With the weather warming up, getting a workout on can be challenging in the heat. But, if you've got access to a pool, getting a great cardio and toning workout in is easy and refreshing! All of these moves can be done in about 4 feet of water, so excellent swimming skills are not required. However, always remember that it's safest to enter water with a lifeguard on duty, especially for non-swimmers! And remember, for a proper aerobic workout, complete pool exercises in three-to five-minute increments for a total of 20 to 25 minutes per session. This workout can be done as many times a week as you like, as it's low impact and fun! 

Here are some awesome water exercises that will help you stay fit and healthy while keeping cool:

1. High Knee Jog
This is a simple move that will tone your legs, glutes, and even engage your core! Simply stand in the shallow end of the pool and begin to jog, keeping your back straight, and pull your legs up to waist level. Make sure to not land on your toes, and keep your feet flat when jogging. 

2. Butt Kickers
Using the side of the pool for stability, this aerobic exercise increases your heart rate while also targeting the hamstring muscles. Face the side of the pool in water that is waist deep. While remaining upright, quickly bend your right knee like you are trying to kick your buttocks before straightening it out and repeating the motion with the left leg. Continue to quickly alternate kicks between your two legs.

3. Cross-Country Ski 

Your hip flexors, glutes and rotator cuff muscles are active in this easy-to-perform cardio exercise. All you have to do is stand in water that reaches your chest with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms by your side. Quickly bring your right arm and left leg forward as you simultaneously bring your left arm and right leg backwards. The movement should mimic a jogging motion, just slightly leaned forward (like a cross-country skier!) . Then, reverse the locations of your arms and legs. Continue to alternate between the two positions rapidly.

4. Jumping Jacks
Jumping jacks activate the muscles in your arms and legs while incorporating a leaping motion to get your heart rate going. Stand in chest level water with your feet together and your arms at your side. Simultaneously bring your legs apart and your arms over your head as you jump in the air. Then, jump again and return your arms and legs to your side.

5. Flutter Kicks
Flutter kicks are amazing for your entire lower body and even works your back muscles! Simply grab on to the side of the pool and flutter those feet! Remember to keep your toes pointed forward and don't lock your knees when performing this move. 

Now that you know some awesome water exercises, you can enter the water and get a great workout on even on the hottest of days! 

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