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Workout Shoes


Science shows that when you move your body, your muscles release chemicals known as myokines into your bloodstream. Myokines have a positive impact on the prevalent metabolic diseases of today including type 2 diabetes and obesity. They are also known to play a role in bone development, have been shown to slow tumor growth in some cancers and help to stave off sarcopoenia and age-related muscle loss. But if all that isn't enough, they are proven to also improve your mood, reduce anxiety and depression, and make your brain more resilient to stress. These chemicals coming out of your muscles basically travel to your brain and make your body smarter. How? Well, they instruct your brain to adapt by adding new neurons in the hippocampus or increasing the structural integrity of the connections between the parts of your brain that help reduce fear and anxiety.

The best part about all of this? It doesn't take too much intense movement to reap the stress-reducing benefits of myokines. Any movement you love- from running, walking, weight lifting or even just dancing around your living room-is sure to help! However, as with most things in life, you reap what you sow, so the more intense the exercise, the more beneficial chemicals are released. 

So the answer is YES! You can make stress disappear over time with exercise. Now you know meditation isn't the only way to reduce your stress levels- exercise is also a great way to shape your brain into becoming more resilient and better equipped to handle stress! So lace up your tennis shoes and get your body moving today! 

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