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Great Beginner Swimming Workout

Swimming may appear so natural when you watch those graceful Olympians cut through the water, but you have probably discovered through experience that swimming that effortlessly takes some serious practice. Just breathing properly takes a huge amount of practice, and you better believe that is one of the very first things all swimmers learn to do properly before they begin to compete in organized competitions. And breathing in the water is vastly different that breathing in the water, so it's a skill that takes some getting used to. If you want to swim properly, you've got to master breathing. The following workout will help you get control over your breathing so that you, too, can swim as gracefully as an Olympic swimmer (well, almost).

But before you jump to the below workout, make sure you read the following tips:


  • Remember to exhale whenever your face is in the water. Not only does it keep you better oxygenated, it improves your body position and timing for all your strokes.

  • In this workout, you’re reminded to think about breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose during the cool-down, but try to do this throughout the whole workout. You’ll also find it a little easier to breathe this way during the pull sets because you won’t be using your leg muscles to kick, and the pull buoy will help you maintain a good body position.

Great Beginner Swimming Workout

1. Warm Up

100 freestyle on 2:00

100 choice on 2:00

100 pull on 2:00

(Work your distance per stroke.)

2. Main Set

4 x 25s choice on :30

100 pull on 2:00

2 x 25s choice on :30

2 x 100s pull on 3:30

50 choice on :50

3 x 100s pull on 3:30

4 x 50s choice on 1:00

3. Cool Down

4 x 50s choice on 2:00

(Try to get your heart rate down, work on breathing in your mouth and slow exhale out of your nose.)

Total: 1500           

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