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Medical Center Barbour offers state-of-the art digital services that you don't have to leave town to get! 

We offer specialty exams that include:


  • MRCPs


  • CTAs abdominal and/or pelvis

  • CTAs Brain

  • CTAs Cartoids

  • CTAs Femoral Runoffs

  • CTAs Dissections

  • Pancreatic Mass Exams

  • Adrenal Mass Exams

  • Hemangioma protocols

We also offer nuclear medicine Monday-Friday including:

  • Stress Tests

  • Hida Scans

  • Gastric Emptying

  • VQ Scans

  • 3 Phase Bone (Osteomyelitis)

  • Whole Body Scans

  • Low Dose Lung Screenings

We are also proud to offer 3D mammograms.

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