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Crafty Fun For Kids At Home During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Now that we are a few weeks into this pandemic, you may be at a loss for ways to keep your kids entertained. But don’t lose heart! We have a few awesome craft ideas that will keep your little ones creating, crafting, and having a blast!

  • Make Pulled String Art Your child will love exploring the amazing ways watercolor paints can spread, and the final pieces turn out truly breathtaking! Check out this fun tutorial from Tinker Lab for detailed directions on how to make your own string art masterpiece!

  • Create Your Own Scratch-Art Mandalas This is an easy and fun way to make your own mandalas using paper plates, oil pastels, and black tempura paint! Check out this tutorial from The Kitchen Table Classroom for more details!

  • Make Your Own Play Dough This one is super fun! All you need is 3 ingredients and about 10 minutes to make this super fun play dough with your child! Follow this tutorial from Make and Takes for the whole step-by-step process.

  • Make the Cutest Origami Finger Puppets This craft is simple, cute, and will keep your child’s brain in overdrive with all the adorable stories they will come up with for their new finger puppet pals! Follow this easy tutorial from The Spruce Crafts for detailed instructions for creating these cuties!

  • Whip Up a Cork Sailboat This craft is a lot of fun to make and to play with. You only need a few simple materials to make these cute and buoyant sailboats, and you probably already have them around your house! Your kids will love how they turn out, and will love playing with them in the sink or a bowl of water. Check out the tutorial from Mama. Papa. Bubba. to get started right now!

Medical Center Barbour knows how tough it is for kids right now to be stuck at home, but you can definitely help them cope by taking just a few moments a day to craft something new and fun with them! You will love watching your kids learn by trying new things, and they will love spending some quality time with you. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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