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Medical Center Barbour is announcing the addition of Dr. William Peery II, its staff and he will begin his full-time surgical practice starting August 9th. Dr. Peery is not only a Fellowship Trained Board Certified Trauma Surgeon but also a Board Certified General Surgeon and Neuro Critical Care specialist.

As a Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Peery is qualified to evaluate, diagnose and operate on severely injured patients. That can include survivors of falls, assaults, and car accidents, as well as patients suffering shock, internal injuries, and bone fractures. In addition to treating complex medical and surgical conditions, he will be performing general surgeries (both inpatient and outpatient) as well as colonoscopies and endoscopies (inpatient and outpatient). As a result of his Critical Care training, he will also be working with Hospitalists to care for more complex medical patients.

According to MCB CEO, Lynn Mergen, “I’m honored to have someone of Dr. Peery’s experience and skillset join the hospital. I think this is a really big deal and a game-changer for this region and the hospital. Having a surgeon with Dr. Peery’s qualifications and abilities is almost unheard of at a small rural hospital. In August, when he starts, MCB will be able to admit and treat more critically ill and severely injured patients, which means more patients will be able to remain in Eufaula. To this point, we have had to transfer most of these patients to another facility. Last year alone we had to transfer 637 patients to other facilities because we didn’t have the capability to care for them. Now many of these people will be able to stay in Eufaula.” Mergen went on to add, “this is another example of the new direction this facility is taking. We are committed to adding more specialties and services to serve the people in Southeast Alabama and Western Georgia.”

Dr. Peery comes to Eufaula from Pikesville Kentucky, where he practiced for the past 10 years heading up the trauma department at a Level II trauma hospital. Dr. Peery grew up in Virginia and attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University where he received his Bachelors of Science degree, followed by 4 years at West Virginia University Medical School. Dr. Peery’s 5 year General Surgery residency was also in West Virginia and following this training, went on to the University of South Carolina where he got his Fellowship in Trauma/Surgical Critical Care.

Dr. Peery was asked about coming to Eufaula and stated, “Adrienne and I grew up in small towns and enjoy that lifestyle. I love to make and shoot guns, and Adrienne loves to fish, so this was a perfect opportunity for us from a personal standpoint, and professionally, I see what MCB is doing and I wanted to be a part of that..”

Adrienne Adkins, who is joining Dr. Peery, is a Nurse Practitioner and has over 9 years of nursing experience at a Level II Trauma Hospital Emergency Department.


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