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Medical Center Barbour Celebrates Years of Service Ceremony

group photo of healthcare workers
A group photo of all of the MCB employees who were honored on April 28th.

Medical Center Barbour held their Years of Service Ceremony over the course of April 27th and 28th to celebrate and honor all of its employees who have worked at the hospital for at least one year. This ceremony, held once every quarter, recognizes the employees who work tirelessly to provide excellent patient care right here in the community. Some notable names on this list include Phyllis Hayes, who has been with MCB for 34 years; Jeneen Bouyer, who has been with MCB for 33 years; Cindy Griffin, who has been with MCB for 36 years; and Ronnie Hancock, who has been working at the hospital for 41 years. Special recognition was given to each employee who has been with the hospital for over 20 years during the ceremony. In just this quarter alone, 111 employees were honored at the ceremony, totaling 916 years of service between them. Their names and years served are listed below their departments:


Nicole Benefield (2)

Shelby Boycher (3)

Thea Brown (1)

Lashunda Fenn (1)

Kenneth Fillingim (2)

Kathy Ingram (2)

Carrie Patat (1)

Cynthia Tyson (3)

Shern Walker (29)

Delores Whigham (24)

Brittany Baxley (13)

Amber Beavers (23)

Alyssa Bland (2)

Tonya Brown (7)

Beverly Deniro (15)

Beverly Price (2)

Erik Sutton (10)

Senior Care Unit

Kimberley Brewer (6)

Whitney Dyer (3)

Sonya Jones (1)

Lenada Lynn (4)

Brenda Scott (13)

Gina Shaw (1)

Sarah Taylor (11)

Denise Turner (2)

Vickie Westhoff (3)

Cierra Woodley (10)


Jordan Holland (1)

Angel a Morgan (1)

Kristin Siino (1)

Cammie Shelley (1)

Linda Brock (2)


Allen Finlayson (22)

Ashley Townsend (2)


Angie Dunn (3)

Natasha Ellington (4)

Phyllis Hayes (34)

Kristin McAliley (9)

Candace Miller (3)

Christine Wood (5)

Infusion Clinic