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Staying Fit During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Eufaula, Alabama

Staying Fit During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Eufaula, Alabama

With all of the coronavirus concerns swirling around, and with mandatory shutdowns taking place all across Alabama, you may be wondering how in the world you are going to be able to stay in shape. After all, Spring is the perfect time to start getting back into a great fitness routine as the weather is so nice (and let’s be for real, it’s also the time that most people start getting serious about getting in shape for summer). So what are you to do now? You certainly can’t meet up with your friends for a walk, and you can’t hit your favorite fitness classes. You can’t even squeeze in some gym time because they are all closed down, too. Well, Medical Center Barbour has got a few ideas for you to maintain a healthy fitness routine while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

  1. Walk the Trail Just because you can’t walk with your friends like you usually do doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful Yoholo Micco Trail or the stunningly beautiful downtown areas of Eufaula. The azaleas are beautiful this time of year, and the smell of flowering jasmine and wisteria are sure to make your walk all the more enjoyable. Just be sure that you don’t stop to talk to the passersby (and if you do, remember: 6 feet apart, people!), and avoid all areas that are heavily populated. And don’t forget your furry friend on your walk; the coronavirus doesn’t affect your dogs and cats like it does your human companions!

  2. Find a Fitness App You Love You can still keep in tip-top shape without hitting the gym by downloading a useful app for your phone! Workout Trainer by Skimble is an amazing app that is easy to use and contains tons of free workouts. You can create your own workouts, schedule reminders to exercise, play your own music and even chat with the app’s community forums for advice and motivation. It features all the latest workout crazes, so you can try them on your own with a guide. There’s tons of apps out there for every style of workout you love, so just hit the App Store to find one that’s right for you.

  3. Use YouTube as Your New Personal Trainer There are tons and tons of free and fun workouts that you can do from your computer screen, thanks to the wonderful world of Youtube. Again, much like fitness apps, there is something for everyone and you’re sure to find something that you can get into. But unlike fitness apps, these videos simulate taking a real-life class, so if you’re missing your usual favorite class from Eufaula Recreation, these are the closest thing you’re going to get to that group fitness atmosphere at home. Here’s a great 30-minute Latin fitness workout if you’re missing your Zumba classes, a killer 30-minute EMOM workout for if you’re jonesing for your daily dose of CrossFit, and a fantastic 42-minute Silver Sneakers workout if you are searching for a workout that is low-impact and fun!

Yes, the COVID-19 is in Alabama in full swing, but that’s no reason to let your health fall to the wayside! Remember that sticking to a daily routine-and that includes sticking to your fitness goals- while self-quarantining is so important to maintaining your mental health and wellness, and should not be taken lightly. Don’t forget that we are always here for you for all your health needs when you need us the most, and will be right here for you, posting updates on COVID-19 and keeping our wonderful little city informed!

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