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Why Getting Your Infusion at the Hospital’s Outpatient Infusion Clinic is the Best Option

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Why Getting Your Infusion at the Hospital’s Outpatient Infusion Clinic is the Best Option

Patients have lots of options when it comes to getting their infusions nowadays. From boutique clinics to home health infusions, there are plenty of ways you can get your infusion administered. You may think that getting your infusion done from home or in a trendy clinic is a good idea, but you might want to think again about those options for a multitude of reasons.

Here are 5 reasons you should get your infusion in a

hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic:

1. A hospital is the safest place to get infusion therapy.

Unlike a home infusion or a clinic that’s unaffiliated with a hospital, a hospital’s infusion clinic (like the MCB Infusion Clinic) is a fully equipped medical facility that is able to handle any reactions or medical needs with emergency protocols for all medications. Home health and even hospital-unaffiliated clinics lack standard protocols that a hospital has. When an emergency occurs in a hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic, there is no wait time for medical care-you will be treated immediately, and by highly-trained medical professionals to boot.

2. A hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic has an unprecedented level of expertise.

If you are getting your infusion done through a home health agency or boutique clinic, you may not be getting the expertise that a hospital has to offer. Agency nurses and general clinic nurses may not be designated infusion nurses, experts in IV placement (multiple sticks), or know proper medication mixes for such infusions. At a hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic, your care team consists of highly skilled medical professionals that specialize in infusion and injection therapy. You’ll also get continuation of care from a nurse (in the case of the MCB Infusion Clinic, our infusion nurse is Jennifer Price) that knows your case and will remember important details like your personal preferences and specific treatment plan.

3. A hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic is impeccably clean.

Unlike a home environment or a boutique clinic, the hospital must follow very strict CDC protocols on cleanliness that guarantee a sterile and safe environment. If you’re getting your infusion from a home health agency, you could be at an increased infection risk because nurses move from house to house without showering between visits or changing shoes to prevent bringing in germs outside into patients’ homes. There is also no ability to properly sanitize the area in accordance with CDC protocols like there is in the hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic.

4. A hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic does the hard work for you.

At a hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic, all the exhausting and tedious work of scheduling appointments and handling insurance authorizations is done for you. In the case of the MCB Infusion Clinic, we accept referrals and make appointments for you 24 hours and day, 7 days a week. If you’re getting your infusions done from home, patients are responsible for coordinating medication delivery. And if your infusion isn’t done at the hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic, the late delivery of your medications or a delay on your home health nurse’s arrival could potentially lead to delays in your treatment. Those harrowing factors will not happen if you receive infusion therapy at a hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic.

5. A hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic offers a neutral, yet comfortable, space to receive infusions.

While some patients may love to get their infusion therapy in the comfort of their own homes, some patients may find a home health nurse’s visit more of an intrusion of privacy than a convenience. At a hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic, you will receive infusion therapy in a cozy environment and not have to let a stranger into your home for care. At our MCB Infusion Clinic, you can watch TV and relax in our cozy reclining chairs, all while knowing our infusion nurse is there to give you great infusion care.

So, now that you’re familiar with the pros of getting your infusions done in a hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic, be sure that you get your next infusion from our MCB Infusion Clinic and keep your care in the hands of your local hospital that cares.

The MCB Infusion Clinic nurse, Jennifer Price, NP.

The MCB Infusion Clinic is located inside of the MCB Specialty Clinic at Medical Center Barbour.

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